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Ladies and gentlemen, please have your tickets ready, today’s feature film is about to start. Enjoy a cool beverage or a tasty snack from the candy bar and settle into your comfy seat. As the lights dim, please switch off the outside world by switching off your phone. Get lost in the magic of today’s showing. When the film concludes, and you wander out into the dazzling light of the foyer, enjoy the feeling of renewal and wonder that comes after experiencing a great film.

The magic of going to the theatre is a universal pastime. Spending Saturday night at the movies has been a rite of passage for many young people as they dipped their toes into adulthood and inched shyly towards romantic pursuits. Australians have been enjoying motion pictures at the theatre for over 100 years. From that first showing in 1896 at the Melbourne Opera to the blockbusters of today in theatres across the land; Australians have always enjoyed the escape of the pictures.

Here at The Border Theatre, Ballaratians enjoy the entertainment and nostalgia that pervades every inch of the theatre. From classic old films to modern-day masterpieces, The Border Theatre keeps Ballarat amused.

The history of the theatre is part of its charm, and today’s movie-goers can detect a sense of the past in every corner of the venue. While the theatre may be undergoing some renovation and refurbishment, the original essence of the space can never be removed.

The Border Theater is an institution in Ballarat and a loved icon. Check back here for all the updates about the theatre including movie showings, and specific improvement works. Everything you need to know about what’s happening at Ballarat’s beloved Border Theatre will be put right here. 

Enjoy the show!

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